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Since over 3 decades the international festival’s hit! This spectacle can be performed practically anywhere and has no special need of any kind. Simply a square or a busy street and in a few minutes, the Capocomico will take control and direct situations as if he was a director of an imaginary film!
 The word “capocomico” in Italian indicates the leader, author, props maker, accountant and director of the theater company... In my case it is mostly a joke, since I am alone doing everything!

Capocomico is a mixture of mime, clowning and improvised comedy... Something in between Harpo Marx, Chaplin and Mr Bean!



What happens if you frame the “Capocomico” space in the few square meters of a stage inside an auditorium?

The silent character will start to speak and he will use all his natural charme and improbable skills to seduce the audience in all the possible manners... and some of them will even joining his play directly on stage!!!

This show is is suitable for all kind of ages and can be performed in or outdoors on a protected space. Elements of mime, clown, comedy and music are some of the ingredients of this simple but unforgettable spectacle!


Taxi Please!

A peculiar taxi driver on board of the very best Italian car of all times: the Fiat 500! In this case the car has been transformed and it drives with an electric powerful engine in order to enter even in confined and closed spaces without any damage for the audiences health! An ecological contemporary show for any event cultural or commercial.

There is also the possibility to insert a special logo of your company on the roof of the car, exactly like the real ones riding in New York! This powerful energetic and irresistible performance is a “must” for any festival or special event. In 2007 the car was even flew to Korea for a small tour!


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Marco Carolei